How to Access Music Offline Without Downloading


How to Access Music Offline Without Downloading

Casual Listener

Hi community! I'm not finding anything about accessing music without downloading when offline. I have plenty of data and hardly ever listen to music without wifi anyway so if I don't have wifi, it's ok to use some data for me. How come I can't access any music unless I have wifi? I don't have space for downloading too so ideally I don't have to do that. 




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Re: How to Access Music Offline Without Downloading

Gig Goer

"Offline Mode" is only meant for you to listen to downloaded music, which you can afterwards listen to without using cellular data. However, it WILL take some storage space to download any music.

Spotify will only work if you either:
1. Stream Online with Wifi, or have Cellular Data enabled (such as a phone's data plan).
2. You have the music downloaded, which will be shown by a green arrow.

If your device is set to "offline", you should change that under "Settings" (the gear icon), and "Playback." This will let you stream music without downloading it, but you will need Wifi or cellular data.

I hope this was clear and informative! 🙂