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How to Disable Shuffle Play on the iPhone


How to Disable Shuffle Play on the iPhone

This seems to be a very common issue so outside of Spotify changing the behavior, I'm going to post a separate topic based in THIS thread.


The problem is once you press the shuffle button, the app will play all subsequent playlists in shuffle mode until you disable it.  However, disabling this function isn't as intuitive as it should be.  Otherwise, the aforementioned thread wouldn't be so large and growing.




Here's how to disable it.  While you're in a playlist, at the bottom of the screen the name of the artist and song appears.  To the right of it, the play or pause icon appears.  




1. Press anywhere in the red circle below (in other words, don't press the play/pause icon).




2. This will bring up the album cover with even more options towards the bottom of your screen.  See image below.




3. At the very bottom will be your song options (play/pause, rewind, advance forward, etc).


4. Look to the very left of the play and you will see two more icons right below the timeline. These are the repeat and shuffle icons.


5. The shuffle icon is above the repeat icon.  If it's green, it means shuffle is enabled.  If it's white/gray, it is disabled.  Press to toggle.


Example below with shuffle enabled:




And when toggled, now shuffle is disabled:




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I'm paying £5 a month - won't this let me turn off the shuffle button?

Forcing shuffle, premium or no, just makes me not use Spotify. It's such a dumb manipulation of end-users. Too bad Spotify thinks it's smart business to annoy people into paying them.

Same! It keeps telling me to get premium and I already have it..just happened when I upgraded my iOS version ...very frustrated

It still won't let me choose my own songs but when I push 🔁 it got premium packages

@tfernand2014 To disable the shuffle feature you need to have a premium account. Without a premium subscription, you can only listen to music in shuffle mode and you cannot choose which song you would like to listen to. Hopefully this helped you understand why you cannot disable shuffle play.

I hope the spotify coders take note of the degree of frustration with this. I have premium account and love many of the features such as suggesting songs I might like. But this convoluted way of switching shuffle play on and off is so clumsy and unintuitive that it quite clearly bugs just about every user. I occasionally turn it on by accident and have to google to remind myself where the "switch" is. So easy to fix. Put an option under settings for shuffle on/off and make everyone happy. If spoitify want to annoy free users into upgrading, find another way that doesnt impact on paying users...good idea? yes?

Isn´t working - Nâo está funcionando.

After pressing goes to BELEZA, mas volta para Shuffle.


Premium family user:


I still have a problem inthat Ican't stop the shuffle function until you have started playing an album by which time it has already started playing the wrong track - have I missed something?

This says it is a premium feature only uuugh

This doesnt work like you are saying.  Do I have to upgrade so I can hear my playlist without shuffle?

Respect, perfect and clear instructions, Even for me, megastoned.

hello ive followed your instructions but it still remains green !!! help 

Doesn't work on the free version. Stupid user interface, and very controlling.


The enabled shuffle song button annoys me on my iPhone SE too. Every time I play an album I have to check if shuffle is enabled. And it is. Perferences won't switch this off. I like to listen to an album from the top down, as the artist intended. I don't like songs shuffled - unless I manually enable this. Spotify please change this. Songs should play from the top of an album down and it should be the default. 

And please enable MQA files asap. 

You have to PAY for premium, they annoyed me into doing it! But then you
can download everything (until you stop paying) - no free lunch

On my iPad I can listen without shuffle to. But on my iPhone I have the same problem.

I found the solution a long time ago but I'm stil wondering why they chose for default  shuffle in stead of default play..


I mean it's like when you start watching a DVD and all the chapters are shuffled.. the artist made a album and the tracks should be played in a certain order.. When I want to shuffle the songs that's up to me.. but not by default...

it just say get premium do i need to get it to turn it off?

Nope, this just brings me to "You discovered a Premium feature!" Start Free Trial;(

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