How to delete songs?


How to delete songs?






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I add songs to playlist that automatically downloads songs, and when I remove the songs from the playlist they don't become deleted.    I would delete all songs on iPod for spotify but when I can't do that cause it just deletes the cache.    Halp


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Re: How to delete songs?

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If you want to remove a song that is downloaded simply remove it from that playlist and go to Spotify's settings, in the Storage section and tap clear cache in order to remove the song from being available offline.

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Re: How to delete songs?

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@Loxer: I wouldn't call that "simply" – not particularly helpful for removing everything. This works if you want to delete a few specific items (be it songs, albums, playlists). But if you want to delete everything, you have to dig-up each item individually. That's a real pain in the **bleep**.