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How to get spotify on an iPad that won't run iOS 10

How to get spotify on an iPad that won't run iOS 10


iPad 2

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 Hi there,


My work has given me an old iPad. Teaching budgets not being what they should be, the device is actually older than the students in my class! (It's an old iPad 2).


I want to download spotify onto it however it says that spotify needs iOS 10 or later to run, but as the device is so old it will only run iOS 9.3.5. Is there any way around this? A way that I could perhaps install an older version of spotify on the device?


Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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Hey @martinmaudsley, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


Yes you can download the latest version of Spotify that supports iOS 9.3.5 from the Apple's App Store on your iPad. 

But since the app won't get updates and is no longer supported by Spotify it might become unstable rendering it unusable. 

For now it should work just fine 🙂

Hope it helps!

Hi there Loxer! Thanks for the reply, but I can only seem to find the main version of Spotify in the app store, and whenever I go to download it it comesup with a message saying iOS 10 or higher is required. Is there a step I'm missing?

Hey @martinmaudsley,


Could you tell me which version is available on your App Store?


Thanks 🙂

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