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How to install Spotify on iOS 10.3.3

How to install Spotify on iOS 10.3.3






iPhone 5C

Operating System

iOS 10.3.3

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I have an old (I know) iPhone 5C and I'd like how to install Spotify on it. I use this device just for 2 purposes: Spotify and Strava. Also I'd like to know WHY Spotify doesn't release a version that works on that old iOS? As a premium plan subscriber and recycling old iPhones I'd like to make it work. Please do not put links to the answer on community because I've already try it and it doesn't work. Thanks.

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according to e.g.

the minimum iOS version is 12.

I have an iPad Retina that works perfectly, but the spotify app won't let me log in (after I unfortunately logged out).


I am really trying hard to put this in diplomatic words here:


Is it appropriate to exclude users with "older" devices? 


As a software developer, I know it is hard to maintain "legacy" software.

This is not a 3D application. It is an app that plays audio. It definitely is possible to make this app work on iOS 10 and/or below.


It is surely easier - and cheaper! - to abandon the apps build on older APIs/OS and just maintain the newest one.


But if you take a step back and consider the implications - forcing people to buy hardware they don't need, wasting resources, making it impossible for people that don't have the access to current hardware - I have a hard time considering this an adequate, modern, fair or sustainable way of businness.



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