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How to keep my place in a list when on shuffle? [iOS]

How to keep my place in a list when on shuffle? [iOS]

I don't really know a way to succintly state my question so I may ramble a bit.


Basically, I have a 400+ song, 24+ hour playlist I made for a week-long roadtrip, thinking that since we had less than 24 hours of driving to do we wouldn't hear any songs repeated. However, even if I never close spotify explicitly, the app restarts after awhile, I lose my place in the list (whether on shuffle or not) and I have to restart the shuffle. And then since spotify's shuffle isn't great, I hear the same few songs for the whole road trip instead of actually getting anything out of the time I put in to making this list.


Is there any way around this? A way to hold my place in the playlist or keep the spotify app from restarting itself when idle?

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I don't believe there's a way to do that. It might be an idea.


If it's not an idea, you might as well submit it.


(I personally would love a feature like that. :P)

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