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How to share music with members of family plan who aren't on Facebook?

How to share music with members of family plan who aren't on Facebook?

I've read the other threads on this topic but can't find a clear, definitive answer.  I've been a Spotify user through my Facebook account for several years now.  This Christmas I bought a family plan for my four family members, none of whom use Spotify through their Facebook accounts.  When I click "Share > Send to", I can't find their names anywhere.  I'm using an iPhone.  I also tried to use the Spotify Web Player on my Mac, to no avail either.  When I click "Send to", there's no "Spotify People" or "Facebook People" selection, it's just "Select People", but only seems to include my Facebook People.  How can I share music with members of my family plan?  Do I need to follow them or have them follow me (if so, then what)?  Do I need to download the Spotify App for my Mac?  THANKS in advance.

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Hey @1286503459


I recommend downloading the Spotify app on your Mac because it will make sharing a lot easier.


The "share --> send to" feature doesn't seem that reliable, at least in my opinion. I think Spotify should greatly improve the messaging system because as of right now I've seen people have trouble like you mentioned sending music to just people on Spotify. 


The "share --> send to" feature does work for Spotify people in the desktop app. It think it could just be a bug in the iPhone app. Try it out and see if it works. I think for the "send to" feature to work, you have to be following the user, or maybe both have to be following eachother, not completely sure.


There are also other options to share music:


You can right click on your playlists in the sidebar and select "Make Public". Playlists that you have made public will show up on your profile so they can see the playlists. Then you can have friends/family go to your Spotify profile and follow you. They should be able to search for your username or name in Spotify search and you should show up under the profiles section. If not, you can go to your profile, and under your name there should be a circle "..." button. Click that and select copy profile link. You can then send that link to people so they can go directly to your profile.


Or, without making the playlist public so it shows on your profile, you can also just right click on your playlist and select "Copy Playlist Link" and then send that link to them. Then they can use the link to open the playlist in the Spotify app.


You can also click on the circle "..." button inside of a playlist, song, album to copy the link to it to then share with people.


Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

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I have the same issue in the iOS app. It's really annoying, since sharing with Spotify members isn't possible at all, when not using Facebook.
This Bug exists since several years now!
It has nothing to do with both following each other, since this holds true for my friends, but sharing still does not work...


btw I would recommend using the Desktop App, since sharing with friends works within it!

It's just an issue with the mobile app:(

I would like to recommend to someone in my family an album, so its is an user from spotify and i cant find her, even when is on my list of members, any ideas.

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