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I can no longer sync local files


I can no longer sync local files

I used to be able to sync local files, can't do that any longer.  I connected my iPhone to the same wifi network as my computer.  I put the local files in a playlist, toggled the switch to make the song available offline on the iPhone and computer.  I double checked that I'm using the same wifi network on my Mac and iPhone.  I even tried turning off the Firewall.   The local files will play through Spotify on my computer, but not on the iPhone.  They show as downloaded on the iPhone with a green arrow, but the title is grayed out.  When I try to play a local file on the iPhone, I get a message saying "song not downloaded."  So, how to get local files on my iPhone since the instructions are not working?


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I fixed this by deleting the Spotify app and reinstalling it.

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Hi hi!


On your computer (if you're using Windows), double check that your wifi is not set to "Public" as opposed to "Home" network. You can see here that other people have had problems with this as well, and that seemed to help. This article might be able to help you with that. 🙂


Let me know if that worked!



No, not on windows.  I already said that I checked to be sure I'm on the same wifi network on both my Mac and iPhone.  Any other suggesttions?

Borrowed an iPad and installed Spotify.  I got local files to work, no problem.  Still can't get it to work on my iPhone.  I created a playlist with just one local song and here the screenshots to show the problem. Song looks like it's downloaded, but it's not.

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I fixed this by deleting the Spotify app and reinstalling it.

Sorry I wasn't available for a follow up yesterday. I'm glad you got it sorted out though!



I'm having the same problem, and by re-installing spotify the problem still occour. Any help here?

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