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I cannot see my local files songs on my iPhone

I cannot see my local files songs on my iPhone

Plan - Premium

Country - US

Device - iPhone X, Macbook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2019)

Operating System - IOS 13, macOS Catalina


Hello, Spotify community. I have been troubleshooting my problem for a week now and have had no success. I have 16 songs downloaded on my Macbook Air. I have them in a folder called "SpotifySongs" on my desktop. The folder is correctly inputed under the "Offline songs storage" section on my Macbook Spotify. So, I have a playlist with all these songs on Spotify. I can listen to the playlist on Spotify on my Macbook. Everything is good, right? Wrong. These songs will not appear on my iPhone's Spotify. The playlist will, but it shows up like there are no songs in the playlist. I download the playlist on my Macbook, then download the playlist on my iPhone. The song shows up on my iPhone, but when I try to listen on my iPhone it gives me an error message. Yes, I am using the same wifi on both devices.


Things I have tried:

I have walked to a coffee shop to see if my university wifi was the problem, didn't help. I have changed where my "SpotifySongs" playlist is on my Macbook. I have made sure the audio files are mp3 and not FLAC or ALAC. I just cannot figure this out. Hopefully someone can guide me in the right direction because I am losing patience.







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