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I hate suggested tracks. How do I get rid of them?

I hate suggested tracks. How do I get rid of them?

Whenever I'm listening to an artist's album on Spotify that I've never heard before, I get super excited -- especially when it just comes out. Yet for some reason, all of these annoying suggested tracks get in the way. In fact, it's gotten so frustrating that I doubt I'll be using Spotify anymore (unless there's a way to fix this). For example, earlier today, I got so angry and frustrated over these suggested tracks that I can't skip because I've already skipped other terrible suggested tracks. I can't afford premium, and the only reason I listen to Spotify is to listen to music that I want. I was listening to Sam Smith and out of nowhere Macklemore comes on. I have no control whatsoever. I came here to listen to MY MUSIC and what I WANT. Not some terrible music that's been suggested.

Please fix this if possible. It's awful.
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If don’t like it don’t 

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