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I hate the new Spotify. Please change it back.

I hate the new Spotify. Please change it back. least until it's ready for use.




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Here too.  Really wish develsopers would actulaly consider the HUGE changes they make in a very quick manner make for an exceedingly frustrarting transition for the end user.  Fancy that isnt' user friendly doesnt mean anything to me.  I would have thought a user for 4+ years, who uses music apps (primarily Spotify) 5-8 hours a day, would have been thought of in the development of this new layout.  It sucks, I hate it.  There's no going back, sadly, no matter how bad an idea the changes are.

Same here. Really disgraceful, and my premium subscription is now cancelled. I'm not paying good money for a rubbish product.

I use Spotify for school events and the last version allowed you to play clean versions...WHERE THE HELL ARE THE CLEAN VERSIONS

i agree, i absolutely hate the new spotify, please change it back

I'm not yr typical reflex facebook redesign hater.


But I can't believe how bad this redesign is in usability fundamentals.  

  • It's unresponsive and very very very slow to redraw - any window movement, scrolling, resizing
  • Content takes up way more space, I have to do much more scrolling to find stuff 
  • The harsh contrast is a harder read than the previous softer gray

This reeks of the same kind of  'lets make everythign big and spacious' drive that skype OS X when through some time ago - we all know how popular that was,  


Please - I have a ginormous monitor - I didn't buy it for spotify to consume whole!


The space issue is particularly keen in the sidebar - apps now take up most of the space - it would be helpful to accordionize them.


Spotify - you can do soo much better. The day to day feel is now so horrible I haven't been able to notice if I care about the new features or not.


Fix it.

I have to admit ... I love the new desgin and have had absolutely no problems with the desktop application.


But Lord Jesus! The iPhone app is so ridiculously slow and unresponsive. I too as a premium member am a little disappointed but I have no doubt you wonderful people are already hard at it ficing the problems. Those problems being, so ridiculously slow to skip songs from the lock screen, even so within the app...when in the app itself extreme unresponsiveness, freezing etc.

I can only say - the new version is the hell 😞
Laggy, slow, horrible interface - you guys kicked a good version and put this pice of *piep*
instead of an usefull pice of sound player.
Try to use it in the car - stops playing, change title in 5 seconds, chrashes or close under playimg...

Shame - i want the old player back to use a siple pice app tht plays music from my phone - don´t want more

but this schould work !



(a user who pay for the service)

Rubbish!  No music in my 'my songs' or 'my albums', my local files have vanished, library disappeared, no scroll bars on pc version to scroll to bottom of playlists, the list of gripes is ENDLESS!!!

Cancelling unless changed back!

I am so glad it's not just me.  I have a similar gripe with youtube giving all the content you don't want rather than the content you do want.


  1. New spotify is slow and sometimes I wonder if my wi-fi is not working.
  2. New Spotify is quirky, the search function is sometimes overruled by other content.
  3. Navigation isn't as simple as it was.
  4. If you click on an artist following a search, it really should only show up That artist, not a bunch of others.
  5. Grrrrr



Not to forget the annoying bug since version 1.0: album art not shown in offline mode...

I don't like it too. Spotify for iPad sucks. U can no longer go to an artist page by tapping the icon. It does not do anything. The other ones still work. Also there aren't any features like for iPhone or desktop computer. Bummed out. Maybe cancel account.

I absolutely hate it.  My unliked songs are still played, I try to play selections from "Genres & Moods" for when my parents come over, only for it to play one song and go back to another playlist.  I can't play my "liked songs", It now does what IT wants not what I want.  I can't even use my 130BPM playlist for walking as it keeps playing songs I have unliked!  It is absolute rubbish.  Spotify, change it back before you lose more customers.  It no longer works for me on desktop or mobile.  Ditto for the rest of my family.  We are moving to YouTube Music which actually does what you want it to do.

This seems like fun bunch. Hey! Reminds me of a song!

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