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I'll cancel premium

I'll cancel premium

I also am experecing extreme battery drain while using Spotify on an iPhone 5 (fresh iOS 6.1 install) of about 10-18% per hour of use. Spotify is the only running app with all background services off. Oddly, useage and stanby times are identical under Settings>General>About even though the screen remaind powered off. C'mon Spotify...I'm very close to canceling my premium if you can't muster up some fix...months after this has been reported.
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I think you are not the only one ... unfortunatly there aren't enough of us doing this to get Spotify to fix the issue (or more likely they either don't realise or don't care how many users are leaving because of the issue since their userbase us growing anyway).

I'm sorry, but I'm also on an iPhone  with iOS6.1, but I don't think my battery is drained because of Spotify. If I use only spotify through 3G (4G not supported in my country yet), it uses 5% per hour. Maybe you are using 4G (which uses a load of battery life)

I am seeing this on my iPhone 4S, and same for my girfriend on hers. We are both playing offline music and not streaming. It was doing it on iOS6 and still is doing it on iOS6.1.


If I play music through the Apple music app, I don't see the same battery drain at all. Maybe it doesn't occure with every configurations, but definitly it is not an  issue due to a particular phone.

Same here, 4s with iOS 6.1, only play offline playlists when I'm not plugged into a charger, still drains >20% per hour. Continues to drain when not using app but still in background.


If you haven't already, please submit a support ticket to get the team aware of it.

Anthony 🙂
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