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I need an Old version of Spotify for a first gen IPad running ios 9.3

I need an Old version of Spotify for a first gen IPad running ios 9.3


I'm a premium user with an old IPad mini Gen 1. I'm trying to install Spotify but it tells me it needs IOS 10. 

I did a search and found few suggestions (like dowloading old itune with app store, download spotify on it and then connect the ipad to the PC and download it again.. )without any success.. It keeps telling me it need IOS 10 ..  

I contacted Apple and they told me the app developer can give me an older version of the app that is able to run on IOS 9.3.

Please Help!





5 Replies

Has your old iPad ever been backed up on a computer? I was able to get the old version of Spotify by restoring my iPad from an backup I made a long time ago. (Of course, this will only work if your iPad had Spotify on it when it was backed up.)

unfortunatly no..  What is the version number that still works ? Maybe spotify people can point out to a link to that version ? 


It's version It works perfectly and there's nothing wrong with it. Spotify just needs to be convinced to offer it for people who are still running older versions of iOS.

I tried to contact spotify but the forums seems like the only way of contacting them ... Am i missing another way ?

I'd suggest sending them a message through their Facebook page.

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