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IOS APP Showing incorrect options

IOS APP Showing incorrect options

Brief description of the issue:

I migrated to a family account and now my App does not work as it used to with our premium account.


When I open the IOS app using my account it only shows 3 icons at the bottom, Home, Search and Profile. Totally different to when I use my wife's accoutn, which is the legacy of the ine user premium account, which shows Home, Browse, Search, Radio and Your Library


I have already logged out and logged back in

Uninstalled the app and re-install it

Cancel my family account on this user and re-add the user to the premiun family account

And evey time, my wife's account still works, but mine does not.


What steps you’ve tried already:

My phone has IOS 10, and the last version of spotify

Type of Spotify account you have (Free or Premium): Family Account

The app version of Spotify you’re using:


Any screenshots, if they can help to explain your issue:

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