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[IOS] Spotify Crashing

[IOS] Spotify Crashing


IOS 14.2

Iphone X



Spotify version

My spotify has also been crashing for the past week. It would crash halfway throughout the song, meaning the entire app shuts down and im back to the homepage. When i re enter spotify, the song bar is at 10seconds and if i continue playing the song, it will crash again halfway through. It is the same regardless if im on 4G or on WIFI. 


I have logged out and into the app, updated the app, reinstalled, even done the clean reinstallation and i still face the same problem. However, when i reinstalled spotify, it would work again but within 24 hours, the app starts crashing again and i am back to square one.


I asked my family member to login their accounts using my phone and spotify worked fine for them. I logged my account into their phone and spotify worked fine too. It seems to me that the problem is using MY account on MY phone. The desktop version of spotify is even worse, it is very laggy and halfway through the song it also crashes. ALL of these problems only started showing this week. No problems prior to this. Please advise me on what to do next as i am very frustrated. 

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