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IOS Spotify Widget background black


IOS Spotify Widget background black




Iphone 12 pro

Operating System

iOS 17


On my home screen, I have a long Spotify widget. Recently, the background of that widget has been black as opposed to the colour of my playlist. I'm not sure why this is and how to get it back to changing according the playlist that is being played. Is anyone else experiencing this issue??



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it’s dark mode on your phone unfortunately i had the same problem but when i changed to light mode for everything in settings it changed back 

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Hey @t_dance01 @ToddiesTunes @corniasf @caileysobased @Taytayswift13 


The Spotify Home Screen widget for iOS now shows color again when Dark Mode is turned on


Make sure to update to the latest version of the iOS app 8.9.26 to see this change

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Same here. 

Same thing happened to me! It makes me sad…



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it’s dark mode on your phone unfortunately i had the same problem but when i changed to light mode for everything in settings it changed back 

yeah i don't know why they made these changes. in dark mode, it's just black, and in light mode it's a weirdly oversaturated gradient that doesn't match the color scheme of the original album art. they should really just revert these changes entirely because they give users less options... and we pay for this service. or at least add an option in the settings that lets us decide if we want the background to be black in dark mode. these changes are so arbitrary

please change it back lol 

this new feature is terrible i use dark mode all the time but i have a bright wallpaper so it ruins everything for me spotify pls remove this or at least have it as an option to remove in setting i still want colour on my spotify widgets!! 

spotify changed it to be based off of ur device’s theme (light mode or dark mode) instead of the playlist/song/album cover. idk why, i rlly hope they change it back 😞

This did not work lol why is this marked as a solution

Me neither. Switching to light mode just made it a white box instead of black.

i hate this so much. i cant use light mode because everything else is too bright then, but the spotify widget looks terrible with my colorful wallpaper

i’m not sure why this is marked as solved because it absolutely is not. whether i’m in dark mode or in light it’s just a solid black or white rectangle. can someone fix this? it’s hideous

The marked solution is not a solution but I deleted the widget and then restarted my phone and got the widget back and it stopped showing an entirely blank black square. Still black outline based on night or light mode but I can live with the outline it just wasn’t showing anything and was a blank black square. 


i tried this and this worked but instead i got full color back just like before

Seems other people are having problems with the album background color, if your having the whole widget as Black or White you need to remove the widget, restart your device and once you add it back you will be able to see your song/songs.

I had this issue today. Play at least 1 song from 5 different albums/playlists and then restart your phone. This fixed it for me. It seems to be blank because it's not syncing with what you recently played. This helps sync it.

Please please. An answer is not changing your phone back to light mode. Please SPOTIFY, hear your community and change this back to the widget being same colour as the song you’re listening too.. 🙏 We pay for this service and this is very disliked. Please don’t ignore us!! Or say change to light mode. ✌️🙏❤️

How do I sync it please? 

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