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IOS bug found with remote play on Mac OS

IOS bug found with remote play on Mac OS


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(iPhone 11)

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Mac OS Big Sur


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My dear developers. Before latest update of iOS app I have no issues with remotely play from iOS Spotify App on Mac OS (Mac Book Air) Spotify App some music. Mac Book Air are constantly connected using USB to external HiFi DAC with multiple High Res formats support and than to big High End system, 

Now, after last update 2 Mac OS computers are good and looking one per one and can start and play music remotely on all of them including iPhone. 

Spotify app in iPhone (iOS) has see when already started, that currently music has active play on Mac Book Air, but doesn't add Mac Book Air to devices list. Also I haven't see the Mac Book Pro in list on iPhone. 

In case I will transfer play active device using Mac Book Air to Mac Book Pro remotely iPhone Spotify App will miss the Mac Book Air and will start see current active Mac Book Pro. 

As logically correct, in case I will activate play music on iPhone app, I will not found Mac Book's in devices list, till I will activate them from other access. This is new bug added by your team now. Could you please fix it. 




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I see my dear developers hasn't here. 

But I have found Spotify Connect isn't working with Air Play from newest Mac OS / iOS functionality.

Cause my Air is only supports Big Sur without Air Play from to Apple device feature somehow Spotify application has miss the connect technology and hasn't connect to Air version of Spotify. 

So, my Dear Developers, could you please read this carefully and fix? 


Thanks a lot. 



From my experience, in case I will continue with most obsessive lexicon the issue immediately will be answered.
So, Moderators and developers, I suggest doesn't wait and start to answer why the new version of iOS Application has missed Spotify connect running app's in same WiFi network under same account. But working under MacOS app.

I'm not understand why the Spotify support so bad and unusable. Exactly like promised high-end music till end of year - absent.



Our forum is for the users to voice their feedback, but should not be abused to pursue any type of verbally or else disrespectful and confrontational behavior towards members of the Community, the moderator team or Spotify developers.


We understand you're having difficulties using Spotify Connect. We'd recommend running a clean reinstall of the app on all of your devices, following this specific Guide. This will assure that all app cache and data are cleared before reinstalling the app.


Note that this issue may be related to the most recent iOS update, in which case there won't be much we can do from our end.

When testing, we'd recommend disconnecting all external sound systems.


Hope you find this info useful.

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My dear moderator. 
As you can see my questions is to developers. So, your recommendation are totally unusable because you simply not understand them. 
Don't sure you can understand your sentence "should not be abused to pursue any type of verbally or else disrespectful and confrontational behavior". This means I should receive at least one comment from anyone before I can abuse it. 🙂 

I already spoke in chat about this bug and have been informed the issue is known and currently under fix in dev. team. 

I just want to suggest to take a small basic courses about what is abuse and other things. To avoid to do so big logical mistakes in forum.
Best regards.

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