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Import Your Music not showing on settings

Import Your Music not showing on settings

Before I agreed to start a Premium trial for 60 days, there was an option called "Import Your Music" on the Settings menu. Such option allowed me to import music from my Iphone to the Spotify app, but now it has dissapeared from the menu.


What is going on?


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i have this problem where is it ?

import music from my Iphone to the Spotify app

I’m experiencing the same issue. A friend of mine (who’s not subscribed) does still have the option while I can’t remember having it (I’m using premium). Is this a free only feature? But why would it? 

Pls fix 

I am also having this issue, and have been trying to play around in the settings in the app on both my computer and my phone to find it. No luck! please help. 

Same problem here.  I have the option on my iPhone and it worked fine.  But on my iPad, the option to 'Import Your Music' is simply not there.

Where does the option show on your iphone? I don't think I have it even

Are you logged into the same account on both? 

In the 'settings' menu

Yep! Spotify premium account.

Are you on the most recent version of Spotify on both? And what iPhone are you using on which iOS Version? 

Just updated to the newest version of spotify and still have ios 10.3.3 (I
avoid updates like the plague). Will I have to update my phone in order to
have the import option?

It's not showing up in the settings menu. I went through all the options and the sub-options and didn't see anything about importing your own music. 😕

I don’t think so, as I’m on iOS 11 and I don’t have it either. Just thought it might be connected to the iOS version, as friend of mine who’s still on 10.something does still have the option. 

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