Imported Music not playing


Imported Music not playing

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So I recently decided to give Spotify another try and even try out Spotify premium. I've been a bit sceptic towards it and this hasn't changed, especially with the problems I'm experiencing now.


As everyone probably knows, there's a feature to import the music you own on your device into Spotify. And I don't mean using your computer, but just the music that's on your phone via the loval music app.


I decided to import some of my albums, but I soon realised: None of them were playing. The song timer moved along as if it was playing a song, but there was no sound.

YES, I double and triple checked, my sound was all the way up to max volume, but still nothing.


To my horror I then discovered not even albums and songs I had downloaded on Spotify (that actually played before I picked one of my imported songs!) would play after picking one of the "not working" titles. Everything was silent. It's definitely not hardware issues because everywhere else, the sound is working just fine. I can watch videos, listen to music in other apps, everything works.


The only thing that "fixes" the problem is completely restarting the app. But after picking an imported song, the same thing happens again.

I've already tried de- and re-installing as well as restarting my phone, nothing changed.