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Impossible to turn off shuffle when online

Impossible to turn off shuffle when online

I often use offline through premium. I used to be able to switch between shuffle and non-shuffle while offline. Now, when I try to turn shuffle off, it tries to que new stuff for "smart shuffle," which it cannot due because the app is offline. It is stuck like this, loading, until it gives up and goes back to regular shuffle. I am no longer able to go between offline shuffle and offline unshuffled. Please help. The only solution I found is to restart the app and go back online, but this is not a convenient solution when travelling without service.

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iPhone latest update with Spotify premium.


I use Spotify offline a lot as I live between two countries and bad service.


Anyhow the issue is that when I’m offline I cannot play music that is downloaded locally to the phone. I get a message to turn off smart shuffle which I click to then turn off. However nothing happens and I’m unable to play music offline. This defeats the whole purpose of this feature, this application and makes me wonder why paying customers have such issues when the pirates have none..


Screenshots attached below. This is what I’m doing. I have no internet connection, I click liked songs (which are all downloaded to my phone), that message pops up saying to turn off smart shuffle, I click turn off. Nothing happens so I click my liked songs again. The message pops up again. I click turn off. Nothing happens. It’s a merry go round…


Yes, the same thing happens to me and is incredibly annoying! If I click on "Turn off", it just boots me back to the home page but doesn't turn off Smart Shuffle so I still can't listen to my music. I already don't like Smart Shuffle and it literally turns on on its own -- now this awful, useless feature is preventing me from listening offline, which is the only reason why I have Spotify Premium in the first place.


I had the same issue with Enhance coming on automatically but you could at least turn Enhance off while being offline.


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I like to listen to my off network and with all of my music files downloaded onto my machine. When I try to turn off shuffle when not connected to a network it displays a message saying "Something went wrong Go back and have another go?". Also has a button that says "Go back", should a user have to be connected to a network to turn off the shuffle feature? This seems like a bug to me...

On my Andriod phone I have found that if I have regular shuffle on while my phone is online then when I am without service and I open Spotify it will automatically be in smart shuffle mode, it will not let me turn off smart shuffle mode unless I go back online and change to unshuffled or I turn off all internet capabilities on my phone, even though the app is offline, I close out of the app and restart it entirely and that works about 50 percent of the time.

I've been paying for Spotify for year to listen to music during my half hour commute to work through a radio dead zone, but since this smart shuffle feature was added I've been considering switching to another music app. A tough thing to consider when I've been building my playlists on Spotify premium since 2016!

After activating smart shuffle, all of my liked songs are not playable when going offline. The smart shuffle can’t be disabled, thus creating two issues.
One, liked songs are not playable while offline (playlists without smart shuffle or enhance work ok)
Second, you can not turn of enhance or smart shuffle (regardless if you are online or offline). When clicking to disable it, it shows that it worked, but when re-entering the liked songs folder, it is reactived automatically.
I have already tried re-login, re-installing etc.
iPhone 13 Pro Max, iOS 16.6, Spotify 8.8.52, Premium subscription

I am unable to disable Smart Shuffle when I am offline as well. If Smart Shuffle is enabled and I go offline (I.e. Airplane Mode) and then try to go to my Liked Songs, I get the error in the screenshot below. When I tap on “Turn Off,” I am redirected to the Home Screen of the app. I then tap on Liked songs again and the same message as in the screenshot appears. Smart Shuffle never disables.


I have a premium subscription, yet I am unable to turn off Smart Shuffle when my Spotify is set to offline mode. I simply get the prompt that says I need to turn it off to listen to music offline, but when I click the button “turn off”, it takes me back to my library. 

So frustrating, I was out wheeling yesterday for a few hours with NO MUSIC! Why do I pay Spotify to have this issue?! They sit around collecting my Monthly fees and I cannot use a core feature of the software. If I had illegally downloaded my music I would be fine, but as a paying customer I get **bleep**. Just canceled my subscription for Spotify, hopefully they will eventually fix this issue as it’s been on going for MONTHS. And if not, well frankly I don’t care. Voting with my dollars today!


Any update on this months with no solution? 

What good is this app if you can’t go offline? I don’t understand why nowadays there is so many issue playing music offline. I think I’m going to need a 9 month Spotify refund for false advertising these broken core features. Totally unacceptable.

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