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Impossible to use spotify when I'm offline

Impossible to use spotify when I'm offline

Ipad mini account premium, when I'm without wifi I can't open spotify keep me request to login that is impossible to do without wifi
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Its only me to have this problem?

Hi, and welcome to the community!


First of all, cool profile name! I want to become a pilot when I get older so that is the main reason why I think it's cool 🙂

Anyways onto the answer: Try logging in when you are online (connected), then going to settings>Playback and enable offline mode; minimise Spotify but preferable don't close it in the application tray. It should stay connected at that point. If it doesn't, try a reinstall of the app and hopefully it will reset everything so it won't automatically log you out.



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Thanks hope you become pilot it is a fantastic job.
The problem is that after a few minute that I don't use spotify he put me out and I need to login again, this is only for ipad I don't have the same problem with the IPhone

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