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Inability to resume playlist playback using bluetooth (needs explanation)

Inability to resume playlist playback using bluetooth (needs explanation)

So this is my schedule:


I drive to work while listening to Spotify from my iPhone over bluetooth in my pocket.


After a work day, where I also use my phone, when I want to drive home, Spotify only rarely resumes it's playback. I can't figure out a pattern for this, if it's because Spotify were not used for a while and iOS simply closes down the app or something like that.


But usually when I open Spotify to see why it is not playing, it just shows an empty list as if it has completely forgotten what it was playing previously. Then I have to go all the way back and choose my playlist again.


I can't reproduce this quickly. If I go down to my car, play some music, stop the car, mess around with my iPhone and then starts my car again, it works fine.

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Any resolution on this? I have the same problem. When I was on iOS5 this worked perfect. I upgraded to iOS6 and then finally iOS7 and spotify just does not resume anymore. Everytime I get in my car iTunes starts playing and I cant stand it.

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