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Ios app crashes frequently on ipod touch

Ios app crashes frequently on ipod touch

I recently installed Soptify on my 32 GB Ipod Touch. Things are going smoothly for the most part. However, the ios app that recently became available in the Canadian ITunes storedoes crash frequently when I am searching for a song or if I press the Play button.

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@IanMacintyre Welcome to the Spotify Community!

You're trying to say the app crashes really often? Just follow this steps and you'll be okay!

Click into your Spotify App -> Logout from Spotify (Spotify app Settings -> Logout) -> [If you are on premium and have songs that are on available offline, click here: and remove all devices -> Go to iPhone Settings, General, Usage and Delete the app -> Go to App Store and download the Spotify app again.

Also clear off Safari’s Cache under iPhone/iPad Settings > Safari and Clear all of the caches.
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