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Iphone and iPad not showing up as devices

Iphone and iPad not showing up as devices

For some reason I cannot seem to get my iphone or ipad running ios 7 to show up under devices in Spotify, either via USB or WiFi. It seems to sync occasionally and at random, which I don't understand. I'm on the same wifi network and have reinstalled, restarted and the software, as long as logged in and out with no resolve, as suggested on the solutions page. I've attempted on many different networks as well and always get this same screen saying connect by USB or WiFi. This seems to a be a huge flaw with Spotify, I really want to like this service and continue paying for it, but with this many inconsistancies, I can't justify $10 a month of buggy software. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 5.04.02 PM.png
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It's more likely to be a buggy setup than a software issue. Are you using a wireless network at home? If so, check the following to see if you can resolve the problem.


  • Temporarily disable all firewalls, antivirus and other security programmes on your PC.
  • Check that UpNP is enabled on the router
  • Restart the router

Hopefully, your devices will now show and you can re-enable whatever you disabled after making any necessary exceptions. If you still have problems, please shout.

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