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Iphone issues

Iphone issues



So i have a prem account and for some reason (and it only started yesterday), both my online and offline music shuts off mid song..

anyone have any suggestions?

I can play it fully on my laptop.. but it aint working on my iphone




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Hello! Welcome to the community!


First, try to force close the app and open again. To do that, double tap the home button of your phone, find Spotify's card on the screen and slide it up, as if throwing it away. Open the app again from the home screen and check if it works.


If that doesn't work, the best thing to do is a clean reinstall. To do that, tap and hold Spotify's icon on the home screen until everything starts shaking. Then, tap the small X and confirm to delete Spotify. After that, turn off your phone and then back on. Finally, download Spotify again from the App Store.

Keep in mind that a clean reinstall will delete all the data Spotify stored on your phone, so you need to sync your offline tracks again.


Also, how much free space do you have? If you have too little free storage available, iOS cleans the stored data from apps, like Spotify, which may cause these issues.

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