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Ipod 2 gen not showing under devices

Ipod 2 gen not showing under devices

Hi all,


I've an Ipod Nano 2gen and it's not showing under devices.

I've OSX 10.8.2 and latest version of spotify.


I connected the USB after Spotify start and I don't have itunes running.

I took care of not having any sync preferences between the ipod and itunes.


Can anyone help?



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Hi there!


First of all, remember that the sync system is very temperamental, and most people don't have much luck with it (although a large amount do).


First things first, please could you ensure the USB connection is working correctly? Try other USB ports etc, and also try and reinstall the Spotify desktop client.



Hi there!


I checked the USB port and it works properly.

I reinstalled Spotify from scratch but I can't have Ipod showing under devices...


any idea?


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