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Ipod touch 4th generation

Ipod touch 4th generation

Can you listen to offline mode on the ipod touch 4th generation?? I'm assuming you can't if it only works when it's in online mode and I'm a premium user??

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If this is an iPod touch, yes it should work fine.

To sync a playlist, you can navigate into the playlist in the Spotify iOS app, then press 'available offline' so the toggle is on.

Once the sync is complete, you can go to Settings>Playback and enable offline mode.

The songs should play.


If you are trying to sync local files (i.e. music files on your computer) to your iPod touch, then check out this link which shows how.


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Thanks! I have them showing on my ipod but when I switch over to "offline" mode, I cannot play them and I enabled both offline modes on the ipod. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong?!

Just checked and it says like 0/9 tracks synced but yet it's showing the songs on there and I can listen to them online but when I switch to offline, it won't let me listen to them. maybe i don't really have them synced and am doing something wrong on that part of it?!

You should be able to play the tracks in offline mode if they each have a little green arrow beside them. If you're not seeing that and the sync is getting stuck at "0 out of 9...", check how much free space that Touch has. We recommend 500MB+ for offline syncing.


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how can i update a 4th gen ipod touch to accomodate ios 7.0 to get spotify on it?



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