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Issues playing through USB port in my car

Issues playing through USB port in my car

I recently downloaded IOS 11.01. Before downloading the "new" update, Spotify wouldn't even show up on my lock screen when I played it through my phone. Now, whenever I connect my phone through my car stereo via a USB port it just says "Media Connection Failed" on the car stereo and nothing happens. I've NEVER had this problem before, and it seems that once I downloaded the new IOS and its update all I've had are issues with the app and its playback functions. 

Any help or suggestions? 

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I’m having the EXACT same problem! 

I even deleted the music (apples app) app off my phone to see if it would automatically just show spotify on my lock screen or play through my car but nope. 

I can’t play my phone from my car via bluetooth or usb like i used to. 

If you find anything out, please share, this is so frustrating!! 

Happens to me as well. Try playing a song in Apple Music while connecting the cable, then open Spotify and play your music.


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