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Issues with Syncing

Issues with Syncing

I'm experiencing multiple issues with syncing, whether it's getting my iPhone 4S to sync with my computer, or getting my playlists to sync fully to offline play. I've tried everything to get my phone/computer to sync and nothing is working - uninstall/install, log in/out, reboot, and confirmed UPnP is activated on router. I'm connected to the same wifi on both and nothing.


The only reason I even care about this is because I was told this may solve for the other problem I'm having, which is that the playlists I've selected for offline play aren't syncing all the way through. It'll stop before all songs are synced and I don't know how to fix that either. If that can be fixed, I don't need to worry about the first issue, although at this point I'm curiuos AND frustrated.


Please help!

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Hey there, are the tracks that aren't syncing local files you own or regular tracks from the Spotify catalogue? If it's the latter, no need to worry about UPnP or anything like that.


Also, make sure you're not at the 3,333 offline track limit per device and that there's plenty of free space available, ideally 1GB+.


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