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Issues with iOS app when using with Airpods? Music stops after 1 second

Issues with iOS app when using with Airpods? Music stops after 1 second






iPhone 14 pro

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I am having some issues with the iOS app when using with Airpods. I can't find any rapports about this issue, but when my colleague tried with his phone and his airpods the same thing happened. 


The issue we're having is that if you are listening to music and put the airpods in their case the music stops (as it should) but when you take the airpods out of the box, and put them in your ears you hear the connecting sound and (if activated) ANC. But music does not start. If you then click the stem to start the music the music starts playing for about 0,5-1 seconds before it pauses. Then no matter how many times you click the stem it won't start until 10 seconds later. They will then work as normal until you put them back in the case, and after that it's the same dance all over again.


The reason I think this is a spotify problem is that both of us had the same problem with different devices and different airpods. When he tried with soundcloud everything worked as intended. So this must be a issue with the Spotify app. 

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Hi @ggfl_empire,

It appears that you're seeing an Ongoing Issue affecting many Spotify users.

Please read this post. If you believe it is the same issue, follow the steps provided in the Status update section.

To help out the Spotify team, please add your experience with this problem and any steps you've tried (like the ones listed above) to the post I linked above.


Hope this helps!

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