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Just opened account using email address and cannot login to mobile app.

Just opened account using email address and cannot login to mobile app.

Just created a new login using my email address on the web site. I can login into the web site just fine, however the app on my iPad keeps telling me that my login information is invalid. 

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I am having this exact same issue.  I just registered a premium account and I am able to access and use it just fine on my PC; however, when I am trying on my iPhone or iPad I receive the following error:  "Login Failed - Could not login to Spotify.  Maybe you've changed or misspelled the password?"


I know I haven't misspelled it because it work on my PC.  I have tried to delete and reinstall the app as well as powercycle my devices several times with no luck.

Correct. That's the exact message that I am receiving as well. This issue plus it seems like you cannot download albums ...I think I will just stick with MOG for now. Was really hoping for something different.

Yeah, luckily I just signed up for the free 30 day premium.  I only intended to use this on my mobile devices, so I don't think Spotify will be the service for me...

I am aslo having the exact same problem. I sent Spotify an email addressing this problem, and all I got was an email reply telling me to come here to see if anyone else happened to find a fix for it.

Seems like the issue has resolved itself.  Maybe it was just down for a little bit?

Nope. Mine is still not letting me login. I love their support response ....go see if anyone else is having issues ... Instead of actually trying to do something. 

Weird...I'm able to get in now

Hello there,

AdvOfJet - I've just checked your account and everything seems to be fine. Very weird. Have you tried a password reset at all yet?
Airhorn Enthusiast

No, I still have the same problem.


Able to login using the username/pwd from the PC but NOT from my iphone-5.


I am sure that my password is correct but the app says "Login Failed, could not login, may be you've changed or misspelled the password?"

Try to change password and login then 🙂

I just signed up for a premium account as well and I'm having the same exact problem. I was told there was a server error and I should be able to login once it's up. Not the best first impression though!

Hey there apologies for that.


I hope that you get an update soon. Top mens are working to get server up and running.


You have Premium account in Spotify system, the update is slow, apologies for that. You should get an Premium soon to your lovely device.


Also before that you might want to try to fishing this update manually, just log out from app and then log in back!

Yes, I tried to change my password and login again.


I can login from my PC.


I cannot login from my iphone. Same error - Login failed. May be you changed your password



I also am gabbing issues logging in using Facebook though. Can login to website tho.

I have a exactly same problem, please someone tell me how to solve this ? I've just start to have free 30 trial for mobile and it works well on website but not working with mobile. I've deleted it n downloaded several times n its really annoying 

If this is a new account, you must have joined with a facebook login on your desktop. Make sure you have the facebook app installed and up to date on your mobile, than log in using the facebook option and everything should work. 


Ask again if you still can't get things to work on your mobile device. Information on the device, ios version and the steps you take to log in and what messages you get would be helpful.

thanks for answer


so i can't log in with my email account???

You need to log in with the same credentials you used to create your account. If it was vreated with your facebook credentials, you have to log in with those on all devices or you'll end up creating a new free (no subscription) account.

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