Keeps playing the same three artists on repeat


Keeps playing the same three artists on repeat


     So I have had this app on my iphone 7 plus for a while, and I have loved it, but lately it has been giving me some problems.  It only plays songs from the last three artists that I have saved.  I have about 108 bands saved and yet I only hear songs from three bands.  I have tried several different ways to fix it and yet none of them worked.  First I tried to simply refresh the app and it didn't work.  Then I tried turning off my phone and that still didn't work.  Then I tried deleting the app and then reinstalling it still nothing.  Then I tried both deleting the app and turning off my phone and nothing works and it is very frustrating because I used to love this app.  Plus some of the bands that I have saved don't even have there entire album collection. 

Thanks 🙂

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Hi, are you just playing from your song collection?


A solution/work around might be to create a playlist with songs from those artists which you want to listen to. I think Spotify may do this if you have the free version but premium should allow you to choose to play any song you like.


Oh my god! This exact thing has been happening to me. I’m a premium and I always shuffle play my songs (about 1200) and lately it has only been playing the last 30+/- songs I saved. I also tried sorting the songs by name but it only plays songs that start with a number, A or B. Really frustrating.