Laggy app experience on iPod Touch 4th Gen

Laggy app experience on iPod Touch 4th Gen

Hello, I am using iPod Touch 4th gen only for spotify. Both iOS and spotify is up to date. 


After spotify's last update the whole experience becomes unbearable. Skipping one song will work after 5-6 seconds of lag, but if I dare to skip 2-3 songs, the app ui becomes unresponsive and eventually closes itself. I tried to restore to os and setup as a new ipod, nothing changed. 


There is only one app installed on my iPod and that is spotify. 


Buying a new ipod every 2 years just to listen to music is stupid. I think there is not enough tests on the old ipods on your part. 


I hope you will fix this laggish experience. 


Thank you. 

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seriously... the new UI is nice to look at, but it has become nearly unusable on my 4th gen iPod Touch. I've uninstalled every other program I can, and I always only have Spotify running. Still not enough. If I unlock and try to skip to the next track, it takes around 8 seconds for it to actually switch. Super frustrating!!!

Also, it seems that I lose all album artwork when not connected to Wi-Fi...

I realized that when the Spotify iOS app is low on disk-space, it will start to lag.

You might want to check by going to settings, general and usage to see the disk space. Spotify needs at its optimum 1GB of free space.

If it still lags, try doing a clean reinstallation by logging out, removing the app entirely and installing it again from App Store.

There could be old caches stuck in the app.
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