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NEXT STEP stopping scrobbling for days from Spotify. stopping scrobbling for days from Spotify.



I had an issue with scrobbles not posting to I tried everything and gave up and made new and Spotify. This worked briefly. But now it has stopped again.

I have:

deleted Spotify app and reinstalled.

Done any needed update on Spotify 

logged out of Spotify to log back in 

went to Spotify website and deleted attached apps and reinstalled

I also went to apps section and did the same

I also have restarted iPad as well.


There is no  section on Spotify app so I’m unsure if that is normal? Used to be months ago. Has it changed? 


The last time I had any scrobble was 6 September. Account is starrymoment on 







operating system

latest ios. 

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Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community!


There's no longer any option in the Spotify settings, the only thing you need to do to start scrobbling your Spotify music is to connect your Spotify account with your account.


To do so you need to go to --> Settings --> Applications --> Spotify Scrobbling


You can check the Spotify help page here.

You can also check this article about Spotify Scrobbling on

Still not scrobbling 😞 

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