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Latest iOS version keeps unsyncing offline playlists!

Latest iOS version keeps unsyncing offline playlists!

I'm increasingly frustrated by the latest release of the Spotify app for iOS.


I'm running it on my iPhone 5, with the latest software, but I'm seeing the same problem every day - the app opens, seems to 'connect' and all of my offline playlists take a moment to reappear in the list. And when they load, they're ALL unsynced again.


This means I have to resync, using wifi, and it's tiresome. Anybody else having this bug? Why does it keep happening and what can I do to stop it?

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I have the same problem on iphone 4s, but that should not make any difference, im also so frustrated, im trying to sync. my playlists since last month and there is still the same problem.


Fix that problem now spotify ! i will quit premium this month if won't  work.

And they're set, to be synced offline to your device?

Where can i set it to offline? It worked 2 weeks ago but allways stops after 20-30 songs.

When you go to the playlist it should have a setting up top where you slide the little button to set for offline syncing

Here's a video overview of my problem - it's extremely annoying. Is this happening to other people?


If I can't sort this out soon I'm ditching my Premium account and moving to Deezer.


Same thing here. I open the ap, and my top 5-6 playlists are replaced by playlists I moved or deleted months ago, like it forgot I ever changed anything. Them after a few seconds if does remember, and my newest playlists are back up top where they should be, but they're not offline anymore, and I have to download them again. It's ridiculous.

I am experiencing this problem for the first time, I have hundreds of playlists and thousands of extreme quality songs...This is extremely annoying indeed.

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