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Library organization in iOS app

Library organization in iOS app

Plan Premium

Country Canada

 Device iPhone 8

Operating System iOS 10


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 There's something that doesn't make sense to me about how the Library works in the iOS app. If I go into the Artists list and select an artist, I would expect that it would take me to the artist's profile page (the same place it would take you if you select "view artist" from anywhere else in the app). Instead, in most cases, it takes me to a playlist of songs by that artist, seemingly those from the albums I've saved/dowloaded. If I want to go to the artist page, I still have to take another step of going to the menu and selecting "view artist". Similarly, in the Albums list, if I select and album, it seems to give me a list of all the songs that are on the album, but it's not the actual album page (I still need to go to the menu and select "view album" if I want to see details like release date, runtime, etc.). This doesn't seem to be an issue in the web player. If I select an artist from the list of artists I'm following there, it takes me to the main profile page as expected. Is there a way to make my library in the iOS app work the same way? I find I have to take so many extra steps to get to where I want to go and it's not intuitive at all (if I'm selecting an artist, why would I need to do that and THEN select "view artist" from the resulting page?). Any help or tips would be appreciated! Thank you!

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