Liked Songs Jumbled in Apple CarPlay

Liked Songs Jumbled in Apple CarPlay

In Apple CarPlay, it displays the track number in the playlist. Since the newest Spotify update, track numbers are all incorrect. It could be something I just liked, but it will show up as “1344/2534,” for example.


In addition, when I try to play a track via CarPlay (from the screen of my car) a completely different song will play from the one I select, ever time. The only way to fix it is to use my iPhone directly, and play tracks from there.







iPhone XS Max

Operating System

iOS 12.3.1


My Question or Issue

Why exactly did we have to rename “Songs” to “Liked Songs” in the first place? Obviously I liked it, I saved it to my music.

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Same problem here

Same problem on my Intellilink 4.0 radio... I've tried to reboot the iPhone and bring the radio to default settings, nothing worked. It's so frustrating. My question is: are there so few peolpe with the same defect? Why is so difficult to fix? It's the basic and only helpfull function of Spotify on Apple Car Play...

Same problem with XS Max and RLink. I tried to remove and reinstall the app but nothing changed. 

I have the same problem. 

Exactly the same here.... Spotify used to be so easy and intiutive. Now it's starting to get messy.

Same problem for me too. Very annoying. - Hyundai I30, iPhone 8, wired Apple car play, Spotify premium

Solved, now works perfectly but the system shows only 200 songs so it’s impossible without a playlist to find some songs. 

Now it doesnt let me view the list to select a song that I want to play. Previously I had the choice to look at the “liked” list. Now it just starts playing song 1 automatically. 

Mine did the thing where it started playing the first song automatically, but now it stopped doing that and I can see the list of liked songs again. Issue persists. Doesn’t matter what song I choose, a different one plays.


This update took a person who never dreamed of deleting Spotify, to someone who loathes it.

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