Liking a song and downloading it are synonymous!?!?


Liking a song and downloading it are synonymous!?!?





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I find it extremely obnoxious that I can’t download an album to listen to offline without the app also instantaneously liking every single song on that album? It also makes zero sense that I can’t unlike a song without it getting removed from my library entirely? Same goes with unliking an album the whole thing just disappears? I just switch over from Apple Music and while I can’t say it’s much worse here I do have to say this is unacceptable. We pay good money to be able to listen to our music anywhere we go, without being forced to like all of the songs. How can Spotify get an accurate reading of what I like and what I listen to so that they can recommend me new music, if EVERYTHING I download gets liked no matter what!? Some of my friends have a plus button that seems to download a song without liking it, and I just wonder who thought it was a good idea to make them synonymous with on another. Just because I download a song doesn’t mean I LOVE it. Are the hearts not reserved for things you love? Cause if not, then why have the button at all?