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Local Files – Don't want Spotify matching with online tracks

Local Files – Don't want Spotify matching with online tracks

I synced the Sigur Ros album Agaetis Byrjun, 2 tracks are not available on Spotify via the album, one track Sven G is available but only from a Sountrack (Vanilla Sky) ...well, when I listen to this album Spotify grabs the track from the soundtrack, not the local track I sinked. It segues from an intro, and it jumping like this is annoying. Anotehr album I uploaded Araabmuziks Electronic Dreams is missing a track, and of course Spotify looks at its incomplate catalogue which creates a jumpy experiene listening to the album because each track segues into the other. Can you force Spotify to not match tracks?

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An answer on this would be nice. I don't really enjoy listening to karaoke versions of my favorite AC/DC songs that Spotify attempted to "match" from my local files.

In the desktop client, select the local tracks in your playlist, right click and unlink. I've unlinked all my local tracks to avoid such things happening.

Thanks! That seems to work. Although Spotify seems to be linking its own artwork as well, but I suppose I can live with that as long as it doesn't attempt to match my songs.

Yeah, there's no way round the artwork issue I'm afraid.

So unlinking local files was working until the new update for IOS 7 that they just recently came out with.  Now it seems instead of replacing my local files, my local files will replace tracks in Spotify's library when I synch them to my phone, which is totally weird.  Has anyone else been having trouble like this with the new update?  It's only happening on my Iphone 5, not on the desktop version.

The downside I guess it that you need to synch those local files to be able to listen to them? All you can do is reverse the process by linking the relevant files back to spotify. Generally, it's probably best to avoid mixing local and spotify music in the same playlist.

I'll try to explain the situation a little better:  the Meat Puppets have an album called Too High To Die in the Spotify library.  great album, but i do not have it in any of my playlists.  On that album is a song called "Coming Down".  The Meat Puppets have a new album called Rat Farm that's not in the Spotify library, but is in my local files as I purchased it off Itunes.  There's a song on it called simply "Down".  I made a playlist for the entire album.  When I go to synch it on my Iphone 5, the song titled "Down" has been changed to "Coming Down" (ie, Spotify is linking them, even though I now have all my local files unlinked.).  Before the recent iphone update, anytime Spotify would still link "unlinked" local files, everything would be corrected once i synched them to my phone.  But now when I synch this playlist, it keeps the incorrect title of "Coming Down" but does retain the correct music of "Down".  But now what happens is when I go to the Spotify library and listen to "Coming Down" on Too High To Die, the music has been replaced with the music of "Down" that came from my local files.  Keep in mind my that none of the songs off Too High were ever in any of my playlists and this is only happening on my Iphone.  On the desktop client, everything is fine.  I haven't been using Spotify for a very long time, but it seemed once I "unlinked" my local files everything was working ok.  Only now with the recent update am I seeing this.  It's happening with another album/artist as well.  Hope that explains the situation better.

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