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Local Files Issue

Local Files Issue

SO ANNOYED.  I have all Taylor Swift and Beyonce's Lemonade and it won't download to my phone.  I have trying to ressolve this isssue the past few days now but nothing will work.  I tried the fire wall thing, the typical sync playlist thing, uninstalling and reinstalling on both iPhone and Mac.  It just showed the song faded.  This has never happened before please.  Also what pisses me off when I play Beyonces sorry on spotify it changes the picture to Now thats what I call music album cover.  Also when i play her song hold up another song comes on! its the same song but diff singer and completly different photo.  Please help me.  Everything plays fine on my laptop but on the computer when i click the faded local song it says "song not downloaded" or "song unavailable start radio to artist" or something. HELP ME FRIENDS!

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This is happening to me aswell and it's so annoying. I can't find a solution that actually works anywhere. I tap the Available Offline button and then it comes up with 'Waiting to download' underneath it but it never downloads.

I have the exact same issue. SPOTIFY, when will you fix these small but outrageuosly annoying issues????

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