Local Files Problem - iPhone 6

Local Files Problem - iPhone 6

I have followed multiple youtube tutorials and read various posts on this website but still can not get my local files to sync to my iPhone 6. I am aware that their is no longer a 'devices' tab but, I know my desktop application and mobile application are connected as I can play other songs through one and other. So, both devices are connected and I have put a few sample tracks into a playlist to attempt to sync. I have turned on 'available offline' for this playlist on both my desktop and my mobile but still no luck. Help would be greatly apprecited as their seems to be no logival explination as to why this is not working, therefore has me pulling my hair out! 





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I have had this problem on and off for a while now. Syncing local files is one of the main reasons I pay for Spotify, but it doesn't always work. Other streaming services are starting to look more interesting....


Every support request about this problem leads to the same BS response and advice: re-installing the app and spend hours re-downloading gigs worth of your offline music again. Sometimes that fixes the local file problem, but then an app update will break them again.


Spotify, this is extremely frustrating. If you are going to advertise a feature to get paying customers, make sure it actually works. Don't keep breaking the feature with updates (have an actually data migration plan that doesn't screw over your paying customers), give users more insight into why specific songs won't sync (the generic, useless error messages are infurating), and give users more control over the cached data that seem to cause the problem (e.g. let me clear the cache of local files to trigger whatever needs to be triggered to re-download them instead of always having to re-install the whole application and re-download every single offline track).


Also, there is very little insight into why mobile Spotify clients sometimes can't connect to desktop clients. The desktop and mobile clients should be able to tell users why their mobile device is not connecting to their desktop client; a diagnostic mode (that checks for open ports, network settings, etc...) would be welcome and would lead to less infurated users like myself.

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