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Local Files Won't Download to iPhone

Local Files Won't Download to iPhone

(I've seen post like this but they seem to be a bit older so I figured I'd open up a new thread for this issue)

I am trying to download some songs that I have under Local Files. They are mp3, I'm trying to download them over the same wi-fi my laptop is hooked up to (it's a macbook btw, in case that needs to be clarified). I've had Spotify for almost 2 years and i've dealt with this issue before but for my life I don't remember how I solved it, if I even solved it rather than just got lucky. I can download other songs on my phone that aren't from local files, but that's it, and when I try to download these local files songs where the 'download' is on the playlist it just says "waiting to download".

I really want these songs and it's really annoying me that I can't listen to them on my phone when they work perfectly on my laptop. Does anyone have any advice? (oh and yes, i did delete the app and then reinstall it. That didn't work). 

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