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Local Files Won't Sync to iPhone

Local Files Won't Sync to iPhone



 Hey there, I have been having issues with syncing local files onto my iPhone. I have tried absolutely everything, and have scoured these boards for an answer. No matter what I do when I open a playlist containing only local files on my iPhone 7 I get "Want to add songs to this playlist?" This is a real pain, and I could really use some help solving it. I have updated, downloaded on both computer and phone, restarted programs, allowed the app to run with my firewall software, any fix on this site and nothing works. This is making me a little miserable. Please help!

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Hi there!

I know it sounds simple, but it's often overlooked. Could you try restarting your device? Sorry if this may sound a bit repetitive but if that doesn't help, please try a quick clean reinstall of the app. Just follow these steps.

I'd also recommend trying another network as well as creating another user account in your Mac, install Spotify there and try to sync the files from that account. Also, make sure that you the latest updates installed on both machines, which is 11.4.1 for iOS and 10.13.6 for macOS 🙂

If you're still having trouble, could you let me know the exact version of Spotify and the exact version of the operating system you're running?

I'll see what I can suggest next!

Hey there, I followed all instructions, again, and nothing has worked. I am running IOS 12 and Windows 8.1, and both of them are on the most updated versions of spotify. I will do anything to get this to work. If updating to Windows 10 is required, I will try it, but I know for certain I have added local files within the boundaries of 2017/2018, as I am fairly recent to premium. Thanks for your response, and I'm sorry I'm so late!

I use a Mac so I am not sure if this will be relevant for you.


Yesterday, I created a playlist on the desktop app and added local files to it. I opened up the iPhone app and there was nothing in the playlist (note the playlist was there). From there I tapped the "..." at the top and ticked "Download." Then I went back to the playlist in the desktop app and ticked "Download" (note this is on the desktop app). After a few seconds I had the local files in the playlist on my iPhone. I was running iOS 11 when I did this and my local music files are in mp3 format. 


Hope this helps some. 

Unfortunately did not work!! Thank you so much for your feedback though. much appreciated.

Bummer. I hope you're able to get this resolved. 


Anyone else or Spotify have other suggestions? 

Not yet man, it’s a real bummer. If it doesn’t get figured out soon I may have to switch to Apple Music. I’m a big fan of Spotify so hopefully it doesn’t come to that but we’ll see. 

I downloaded the songs to phone but when I tapped on the song, it wouldn't play.


So what I did to fix it was remove the download from all the playlists on my phone and then redownloaded them while my phone was plugged into my computer. After redownloading, the songs would play.


BTW When you remove the song from your phone it'll look as though it disappeared from the playlist even though it shows up on your computer. So you have to make sure your phone is plugged into your computer when redownloading the song.

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