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Local Files not syncing iPod Touch

Local Files not syncing iPod Touch




United Kingdom


iPod Touch (7th Generation)

Operating System

iOS 12.1.4


My Question or Issue

For some reason, my local files are no longer syncing to my iPod Touch. It's not an issue I've ever come across before as it usually did it with no problem. However, I've noticed none of them are synced any more. I've been through all the solutions on here and FAQs (under the 3333 song limit, using subfolders in the library, fresh installs of Spotify on the iPod and desktop, turning my firewall off etc etc etc) and got nowhere. I'm on the same WiFi connection (it's my own home network, not a shared, public one)


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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I go away tomorrow and really want some of these local files to be synced to the device. This is a recent issue that seems to have triggered for no reason whatsoever, normally I'd add a file from local files to a playlist on the desktop and it would sync instaneously to the device. My home network is exactly the same and I've made no changes to my desktop in terms of firewall/network settings


Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Have now tried the fairly in depth steps in this thread by Daisy and I'm still unable to solve this issue. I have never had this problem until the last month or so and it's pretty ridiculous as a paying, premium customer, nobody has tried to solve this. I've even tried syncing to my Samsung S9+ as well as the ipod and I have the same outcome. Anyone, please?!


Screenshot of the S9 not complying also attached


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