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Local Files not working in playlist iOS

Local Files not working in playlist iOS




iPhone Xs

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Windows 10



So I've had my main playlist for about 3 years, gradually built it overtime. For reference I listen to a lot of music not present on Spotify and I've had it on my pc and on my phone with no issue.

Yesterday I added 19 new songs on my PC and they weren't syncing on my phone and weren't downloading so I went to search for fixes and learned they changed the way local files work. 

Went through the whole process of downloading itunes and putting the 900~ local files on my phone only for it to recognize around 1/3 of them in the playlist. They all appear on local files (on my phone) but not on the playlist. And if I add them to the playlist on my phone, then my PC doesn't recognize it.

I've seen people with similar experiences but they haven't gotten an answer:


Apparently the issue is that iTunes counts duration in a different way to the desktop app therefore the app thinks they're 2 different songs because the iTunes version is 1 second longer. 

And also, following the replies here, you can no longer have a single playlist to work on both your pc and phone because "the app can't detect they're the same file". Yes it can, it just can't detect the ones that got changed by 1 second because of itunes.

You're telling me the solution is to create 2 separate playlists, one for pc, one for my phone? Not only is creating playlists on the phone awful, i don't want to add 902 local files individually by hand, not to mention my playlist is using a custom order which im accostumed to and replicating it on the phone would take hours and hours. Even if I went through that whole trouble and got 2 playlists i'd lose mobile control over songs playing on my PC which is one of the most useful features you have.

Fix this. This is so unacceptable. 


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