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Local Files on iPhone 4 don't work properly.

Local Files on iPhone 4 don't work properly.

Whenever I listen to local files on my iPhone 4, the song will play fine. However, when the song ends it doesn't go to the next song in the queue, and sometimes it even causes the next song button to become greyed out. It even seems like the song is still playing, because the pause button is visible, as if I have the option to pause it. If it gives me the option to press next, the button works, however it still won't go to the next song automatically. Really annoying when I'm driving.

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Bump. I'm having the exact same issue. I'm using an iPhone 5 with the latest firmware. Indeed, this is so annoying when driving! This is an iOS specific problem, because I never had any problems on my Android devices. Please hear us, Spotify!

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