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Local Files will not sync to my iPhone (iOS 10) no matter what

Local Files will not sync to my iPhone (iOS 10) no matter what

Hello all! I am posting this because I can't figure it out at all; I've searched everywhere. So I have spotify premium and I have the desktop and the iOS version of the app, and I have local files on my PC that I have in a playlist that plays fine on my computer but when I try to download the songs to my iPhone or even play them, I can only access 1 out of my 67 songs. I've tried disabling the firewall, changing the rules in the firewall, uninstalling and reinstalling both desktop and pc apps, trying different wifi networks, changing the music source on my pc. Any answer I've found on here hasn't worked. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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I seem to have the same problem as you. After updating to iOS 10 i cannot play local files from my iPhone although syncing the playlists in the same WiFi as my Macbook (with the desktopp app). I can still play them on my iPad which isn't yet updated to iOS 10. I can also play the local files directly from my Macbook. I've also tried rebooting, making new playlists with the same songs, checked that iTunes allows to share local files with Spotify etc, but nothing seems to work. Would also be grateful for help on this matter!

I removed the Spotify app from my iPhone and then reinstalld it and it solved my problem! I can now sync local files again! 

As a follow up, reinistalling the app did not help me at all. Actually, it just made me have to reinstall all of my previously downloaded songs lol. I've tried changing the source folder in the desktop app and it changed nothing. I have tried logging back out and back in, enabling cellular downloads, renaming the playlist, importing from iTunes, moving the songs to a different folder, redownloading all of my songs to see if they may have been an incompatible type or something of the sort, restarting my PC and iPhone, literally everything. The fact that you can't add songs via USB really irritates me, and it wouldn't if this would work. I am still not 100% positive this isn't a problem on my side, so any advice other than what I just listed will be of use. Maybe its iOS 10, I don't know,  but if it was I feel like there wouldd be a lot more posts about it.

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