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Local Files won't play on new phone

Local Files won't play on new phone

So a few days ago I got a new phone. I had my iPhone 6s+ with a ton of local files on it and everything worked great. Before I went to get a new phone I did a backup in itunes. I got my new phone, the iPhone 8+ (running the latest iOS), and did the restore. But all the locals files now won't play on my phone. They show up, they still have the yellow download arrow next to them as if they're downloaded, but when I click them they won't play. The album art is also removed for all of them. They seem to play fine on my computer but the second I try to play them on my phone, it just stops. I know it's not a firewall setting 'cause I put all the local files on my old phone. Any help would be appreaciated, thank you.

3 Replies

You could try accessing preferences (under edit) and altering your local file settings, this seems to  have worked for other users experiencing similar issues. Good luck !

I tried that. I tried to remove a song completely, and readd it completely and it's still greyed on my phone, except now the download arrow is greyed out too.

Well this was utterly useless, thanks for all the help assholes. Apple music it is.

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