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Local Sync Problem

Local Sync Problem

I have spent upwards of 8 hours attempting to fix a problem with Spotify.

I am unable to sync local files between my Windows 10 PC and iPhone.

Solutions I have tried:

Uninstalling and re-installing both versions, updating to most recent versions, reverting to an older version (I'm only able to do this on my computer due to being on an iPhone), forgetting WiFi signal and reconnecting, switching from Ethernet to WiFi (I have tried all possible solutions on WiFi and Ethernet), switching to a mobile hotspot (I made sure to turn downloading over cellular ON), creating new playlists, changing root folder of Spotify on PC, disabling all firewall, connecting to the same VPN server (not just the same country, the same server), switching on and offline after a wait period, resetting my router.

I am not in a dorm I am at home, there are no restrictions on my internet so I can't think of any reason this is happening.

I may have forgotten one or two solutions but if anyone has a suggestion I'll tell you wether I've tried it or not. I'm actually getting to the point that I may switch to apple music or some other competitor. It's been several days of on and off trying to fix this problem and I'm at my wit's end. Someone please help I'm open to trying any solution at this point.

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