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Local file album art not working (tried numerous fixes)

Local file album art not working (tried numerous fixes)







(iPhone 8,  Macbook Pro late 2019)

Operating System

(iOS 13, MacOS Big Sur.)


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Album art doesn’t work on ONE of my albums of imported local-file songs. I have imported several albums using the exact same file-format, the exact same procedures but yet one refuses to show the album art, only on my phone though. I know the immediate assumption is: ”dimensions are wrong”, no they are not, the image is 300x300, no more, no less. I’ve resized, redownloaded, converted to other image-formats and yet the same problem persists. It works fine on BOTH my Macs but my phone refuses to acknowledge it. I even added the same picture as only the playlist art and it works fine, it simply doesn’t import it to the songs and I can’t think of a logical reason why. I’ve deleted the downloaded songs, replaced them, deleted the software numerous times, cleared data etc, to no avail, it just doesn’t work. Seriously, other songs import fine with everything like they should but that ONE pesky album doesn’t and it’s driving me absolutely insane. Not to mention that I don’t have Wi-Fi since the support for that was largely diminished due to some behind the scenes arguing between ISP’s. I have to get my friends over to even attempt to sync them and they have to watch me lose my temper at the most anti-user feature a music playing app has. I’ve clocked in thousands of hours and even helped my family-members install and use Spotify but i’m starting to have enough, I can’t honestly recommend paying for Spotify over Apple Music anymore. If I don’t find a solution i’ll just give up and swap back to Apple Music. I simply refuse to pay for ”Premium” when there are such unpolished features, that simply do not work, and remember, this is in the paid version. My rant is largely over now, any solution or attempt at one is appreciated. Will respond if I’ve already tried that solution and i’ll try my best to be polite. I’ve been fighting this idiotic feature for around 4 days now so it’s very much got on my nerves.


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